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Choose Your Style

Step Two

Choose Your Cloth & Colour

D2K have carefully chosen a selection of cloths which can be divided into three ranges, please choose from our wide selection below: (Models are for illustration purposes. Colours may vary.)

Essentials Range Start From - £275.00

We are delighted to introduce our D2K Essentials Range starting from £275.00, which includes 12 options of wool blend fabrics, ideal for day-to-day use.

Medium weight Range Start From - £299.00

Medium weight Range starting from £299.00 includes 12 options of 100% British wool fabrics from some of Huddersfield's finest mills. These are the perfect choice for all year round. They are hard wearing and tend not to crease as much as a lighter weight cloth.

Light weight Range Start From - £350.00

Light weight Super 110 Range starting from £350.00 includes 8 options of 100% British wool fabrics, ideal to wear in the warmer summer months. They breath well and have a lovely soft feel to them.

Lining Colour

Step Three

Jacket styling options

 Single Breasted     Double Breasted   
1. What type of fit would you like...

Fitted or Relaxed?

Relaxed Fitted
2. Would you like...

Side Vents or Centre Vents?

 No Vent  Center Vent  Side Vents   
3. Please choose your type of...

Jacket Pockets

Slanting Pocket Straight Pocket >  2 Pockets
4. Please choose your type of...

Jacket Lapel

5. Please choose your type of...

Jacket Lapels

  Peak  Notch   

  Peak (£20 Surcharge)   
6. Please choose your type of...

Button Hole Stitching

7. Please choose your type of...


 Working Buttons (£30 Surcharge)  Standard   
8. Personalise your suit with custom...


Step Four

Trouser Styling Options

1. Please choose your trouser...


 Regular Fit     Slim Fit
2. Would you like...


3. Would you like...


No Pleats
Single Pleats
4. Would you like...


No Pockets Single Pockets Double Pockets
5. What would you like for the style of the..


Plain Bottoms Turn Ups
6. Would you like any extra..


Step Four



Firstly, how tall are you?


Secondly, how much do you weigh?


Finally, please proivde these seven simple measurements below:

Sleeve length
Chest size
Body waist size
Seat size
Inside leg measurement
Waist size
Thigh measurement
For waist/chest sizes of 50" or more there will be a £50 surcharge.
Step Five

Provide Any Extra Instructions



Total Price: £299


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