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OK, so here are the nitty gritty details…

  • Where are the suits made?

    In our own factory owned and monitored by Dress2Kill Online. This is not on the mainland UK, but our location is a secret!

  • What materials are used?

    100% British fabrics are used to make your Dress2Kill Online suit. We use some of the finest wool blends in the world which offer a great feel and fantastic durability.

  • What happens if the suit doesn’t fit?

    When your suit arrives the fit should be perfect, however in the unlikely event that your suit requires alterations then simply take the suit to an alterations tailor of your choice and Dress2Kill Online will refund up to £25 of the alteration cost (conditions apply and a receipt must be sent to claim this guarantee outlining what needed to be altered and costs and dates).

  • How does the Money Back Guarantee work?

    Dress2Kill Online will offer our customers a money back guarantee if for any reason your Dress2Kill Online suit has not been produced to your specifications. Simply send back your Dress2Kill Online suit within 5 days of delivery outlining what issues you have and we will review and if necessary refund your suit in full.

  • Can I order extra trousers?

    Because we keep a continual supply of our cloths we can make extra trousers should the need arise. These cost £125. Please allow for very small colour differentials as cloth colours can vary slightly from piece to piece.

  • Is this a bespoke suit?

    Bespoke means made to ones specification. All of the Dress2Kill Online suits are made to our customer’s specification and are hand cut. Many people in Savile Row would argue that true bespoke is when a garment is made on site and there are about 8 fittings whilst your suit is made. If you want to spend over £2000 and have the hassle of going for 8 fittings then please feel free to go to the Row – if not Dress2Kill Online is a fine alternative which won’t dent your pocket.

  • Why are they so affordable?

    Because we own our own factory, because we buy our cloths and materials in bulk and because we have fewer overheads than most retailers.

  • Who are Dress2Kill Online?

    Dress2Kill Online has been born out of Dress2kill, London’s leading bespoke tailor with years of experience and a host of celebrity customers. This expertise has been used to create Dress2Kill Online the world’s simplest and most cost effective ecommerce site for bespoke suits.

  • How will I receive my suit?

    After vigorous quality control, you will receive your Dress2Kill Online suit neatly packed in a Dress2Kill Online suit bag and on a hanger boxed and delivered by Interlink Express. If for any reason you are not in when your suit delivery is attempted a card will be left explaining how you can arrange another delivery or details of where to collect your suit.

  • Alterations procedure

    In the event that your Dress2Kill Online garment requires alteration you may choose one of the following 2 options:

    Option 1

    You may take your garment to an alteration tailor of your choice to carry out the required work and then forward us the receipt – Dress2Kill Online will refund up to £25 by way of an alteration guarantee providing a bona fide receipt of the work carried out is received.

    Option 2

    Simply post back your garment to:

    Dress2Kill Online Ltd,
    81 The Cut London
    SE1 8LL

    Include a detailed explanation of what alterations are required and Dress2Kill Online will undertake the necessary work for up to £25. Should this alteration guarantee be exceeded Dress2Kill Online reserve the right to charge the customer for the amount over and above the £25 alteration guarantee – the customer will be contacted before any work exceeding the guarantee is carried out. Once the alteration is completed Dress2Kill Online will contact the customer to arrange delivery. There will be a standard postage and packing charge to send out the altered garment back to the customer.

Our made-to-measure suits are exceptional value and quality.

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